Dennis Rodman Portrait T-Shirt

NBA Artist Series

Bleacher Report and the NBA have teamed up for the latest iteration of NBA Artist Series. We tapped multi-media artist Matt McCormick to create a collection that embodies the nostalgic emotion of basketball culture's fabled past.

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  • Dennis Rodman Portrait t-shirt available in unisex sizing and is made with 100% cotton.

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About the Artist

Matt McCormick (b. 1987) is a multimedia artist, whose artwork assimilates a diversity of cultural influences culled from the American West into an artistic vision that is as unique and dynamic as the topography itself. Within McCormick’s body of work, seemingly incompatible elements cohabitate with ease—reflecting the conflicting histories of Western culture. Here, as in his paintings and drawings, nostalgia for a fabled past abuts the realities of the “American dream” that confront him daily in Downtown Los Angeles and New York, where his studios are located. The artist embraces these gritty aspects as equally formative to the Land of Liberty as the homestead towns, gold rush bonanzas and 1950s Hollywood glamour that captivate our popular imagination. His works ruminate on the striking contrast between the physical inheritance of the Wild West, populated with dejected and disposable objects, and the vibrant cultural legacy that remains as alive today as ever before. McCormick’s art embodies the true spirit of America, but also the human condition, replete with renegades, risk takers and outlaws.

About the Collection

From the feel of a freshly pumped up ball to the rattle of a loose driveway hoop. The screech of new sneakers on the court to the cold air hitting your face when you walk out of the gym in the middle of the winter. Obsessing over stats, arguing with friends over who did what best. Winning and losing, the trials and tribulations of the game, the stress, the relief, anger, sadness, the triumph.

This body of work is a study of the materials, the emotions, and the people that make up the game of basketball. From the plywood backboard on the side of a shed in the middle of nowhere to the pristine hardwood floor of the arena in the big city. High, low and in between.