Greg Yuna Diamond NBA 75th Anniversary Pendant (1 of 1)

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B/R x NBA 75 Artist Series
Five Artists. Five Styles. One-of-a-kind collaboration.

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About the Work

With this piece, Greg brings the NBA 75 logo into his world while keeping it true and classic. The rubies and sapphires were carefully picked to match the tones of the color used in the logo. 

  • Pendant of gold, white diamonds, blue sapphires and rubies; 23 grams, 3.5 carats
  • The piece features 498 individually hand set stones totaling 3.5 carats and is made of solid 14kt white gold.
  • Gold: 23 grams
  • White diamonds: 135 pieces, 0.9 carats
  • Blue sapphires:160 pieces, 1.2 carats
  • Rubies: 203 pieces, 1.4 carats

About the Artist

Greg Yuna is a prominent luxury jeweler based in Manhattan’s Diamond District. Yuna’s creativity and unique aesthetic drives the design direction of the Greg Yüna brand’s contemporary collections of precious jewelry, apparel, accessories and artwork. Yuna's clientele includes top celebrities in sports, music and film industries.

About the Collection

To celebrate 75 years of the NBA, B/R selected five artists to create original works of art inspired by the league. Each artist's collection includes a set of editions (limited to 75) and an apparel collection.